Thies Roorda has such a beautiful sound I could listen to it all day.
© American Record Guide May 2015

…Dutch flutist Thies Roorda and Georgian pianist Nata Tsvereli are skilled guides to the music…[they] dispatch even the most challenging pieces with apparent ease and remarkable precision.
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Ancora una brillante performance di Roorda che insieme al pianista Tsvereli interpretano questi brani [di Karg-Elert] con tale padronanza da sembrare che siano stati composti per loro.
© FALAUT 09/2015

Dutch flutist Thies Roorda dominates the program, and I still remember how I was swept away when I heard him in works of Karg-Elert: by the effortless power and control in his playing, but most of all its splendid array of color.
© American Record Guide March/April 2018 2015

[…] It’s a challenge which Thies Roorda confronts with supreme artistry […] © The newsletter of the Karg-Elert Archive 09/2015

[…] keep in mind Dutch flutist Thies Roorda could play you the phone book and make it the most beautiful thing you ever heard.
© American Record Guide March/April 2018 2015

[…] Thies Roorda, whose intelligent musicianship and fluid virtuosity make him a pleasure to listen to.
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Thies Roorda

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