La Cenerentola (Fantasie Elegante sur un Theme de Rossini) Flute-Piano

edited by Thies Roorda
ISBN: 705740
Publisher: Broekmans & Van Poppel
Publishernumber: BP1600
Composer: Remusat-Leduc

Remusat & Leduc
Rossini thought that his aria ‘Non più mesta’ from La Cenerentola was so good that he used it in three of his operas.
Besides Chopin, the flautist Remusat (1815- 1880) and the pianist Leduc collaborated on a set of short variations on the theme.
Whereas Chopin merely gave the piano a few chords with which to accompany the flute, the variations of Remusat and Leduc present a lively interplay between the two instruments.
They also composed a brief introduction based on a canzone from the same opera.
The grade of difficulty for the flute and piano is limited.  

Thies Roorda

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