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Thies Roorda’s flute studio offers professional flute studies primarily for post-graduate students who are interested in improving their professional skills outside the context of an institutionalized curriculum.
This concept allows students to focus on performing and auditioning, undisturbed by writing theses or otherwise.

Subscriptions are for open for a single semester, or a whole year (2 semesters).

The Corona pandemic made many of us prefer not to travel. This is why the flute studio’s lessons are now also available online. The online offer consists of private flute lessons and a weekly yoga class. As soon as normal conditions return, a lesson schedule shall be resumed as is described below.


On a weekly basis, the studio offers:

• An individual flute lesson

• An individual flute lesson• A yoga class, directly linked to the posture- and breathing concepts as are being transmitted in the flute lessons

• A technique class/masterclass, for technical routines, playing studies for your peers and discussions on flute related issues

• A class on orchestral excerpts

The flute studio offers tuition in two periods of each ten weeks.
Every semester there shall be room for a maximum of 4 students.

The time table of each term shall be communicated after admission and shall very much look like:
• Winter term: Week 39 through 49 (the semester shall contain one free week)

• Summer term: Week 6 through 11 and week 13 through 16

Individual lessons shall be taught at Thies Roorda’s home-studio, group lessons in a larger venue in Amsterdam.

For further information and subscription please use the form on the contact page of this website.


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