Flute Academu Padova

With much excitement, I announce the new dates for the FAP. I shall be available for two days of high-level advanced work. Reservations are open!


The flute Academy Padova (FAP) intends to be an academy rather than a platform for single master classes. Its intention is to offer an education, i.e., to follow and guide a flute player in his/her development and become a better, more knowledgeable player. And so, please, also check for the dates in the next season 2024-2025 (to be published at our FaceBook page app. in July 2024).

Participants may join for one single weekend or choose to become academists, in which capacity they would enjoy a discount for each single weekend take part in the course.

Thies Roorda
Webdesign: Wout van den Berg

Photography: Annelies van der Vegt & Wout van den Berg

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