11 – 16 July 2022 – 15th Summer Course for young flutists in Tuscany

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Rien de Reede [em.] Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
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With great pleasure we announce our 15th summer course for young flautists. The course aims at young professionals and students or amateurs with professional aspirations.
In spite of Corona, we managed to offer a successful course last year, and we trust this shall be possible this year as well.

The course offers:
– A Yoga class (Preceding the other lessons. Not mandatory, but highly recommended) (50′).

– Groupslessons on breathing and tone development, and of course also scales and arpeggio’s. (45’).

– Every participant shall receive a total of three private lessons (40’).

– Rien de Reede shall teach two repertoire classes on historical performance practice, taking Bach’s Sonata in E-major and W.A. Mozart’s Concerto in D as his points of reference.
Repertoire and/or orchestral studies for individual lessons may be chosen at the student’s discretion.

Required material/preparation:
Technique class: Scales according to Taffanel & Gaubert (EJ 4); Arpeggio’s according to Reichert (no. 2 by heart, please prepare in advance!).

Lessons on breathing and tone development shall be based on: Marcel Moyse, 24 Petites ét́udes mélodiques.

Fee fort he course as an active participant: € 385,00.
Auditors: € 40,- per diem, or € 150,- for the full course.


Buonconvento Via Rosselli

Please subscribe fort he summer course by sending an email to riendereede@icloud.com
Please state the phase of your studies, your age, and the repertoire you wish to play during the individual lessons.
We recommend timely subscriptions, as the maximum number of (active) participants shall be 8 only!
After subscription, please wait for our confirmation. You shall receive an email confirming your participation together with a request to transfer the down payment of €150,00 before April 4. We shall need your down payment before we consider your subscription to be final.

Please make your transferal to:
IBAN: IT 90 K 07601 14200 000028983583 (Bancoposta) to M.H. de Reede. Adress of the bank: Uffizio postale, Via di Bibbiano, 53022 Buonconvento, Italy. BIC: BPPIITRRXXX
Your down payment shall not be returned in case of cancellation after May 15 mei 2022.
The remaining sum of € 235,- needs to be paid on the first day of the course.

Lessons start on Monday July 11 at 10.00 in Buonconvento (Si). The last lessons shall finish on Saturday July 16 at 17.00 hrs. On their free day, (July 14) students can visit the city of Siena, or one of the many picturesque villages in the area.

Depending on the prevailing rules in Italy, at the beginning of the course participants shall be requested to show their proof of vaccination/green pass/QR-code.

Participants need to organize their own hotel accommodation. Albergo Roma in Buonconvento, fully refurbished recently and close to the train station, is an affordable place for students to stay and eat. Please state that you are participating in the course. Sharing a room doesn’t always mean that the price for a night is cheaper. Please ask the hotel owner. There are also other possibilities in the village, such as Hotel ‘Il Ghibellino’, or private rooms. Hotel ‘Il Ghibellino’ offers half (or full) pension with good Tuscan meals served in collaboration with nearby Albergo Roma. Ask for half- (mezza pensione) or full (pensione complete) pension.

For reservations:
Albergo Roma/Hotel Ghibellino

A list of participants shall be available after May 15th.
Buonconvento can be reached by train Roma-Grosseto- Buonconvento or Florence-Siena- Buonconvento. For bus service Siena-Buonconvento (faster than the railway connection!)
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